Backyard Pow Wow

Wahoka Orange Spirit Nation,
Thanks for those who joined us for the first ever OSN Backyard Family Campout Pow Wow last weekend.  This was a totally new experience for all of us – which turned out great!  
Not only did we have the first ever OSN News Team set a record for Bad jokes… uhhh… I mean Dad jokes at this event, but we tried summoning Koda and Chikala through Zoom and it worked!   Koda and Chikala told us a story of the 5th Aim – How Chikala learned the lesson to love your neighbors as yourself!
As for our feather program, we are all proud to announce our New Dream Princess at this campout, Milena “Rising Fire” Gannon!  She did a great job of making masks for first responders for her dream princess project!
In addition, we had the pleasure of announcing 9 girls earned rockers are this event.  Congratulations to:

  • Audrey Carter (Eagle Eyes) 
  • Kennedy Smith (Owls)​
  • Madelyn Smith (Owls)
  • Evie Spier (Phoenix)
  • Leia Spier (Phoenix) – earned 2 rockers!
  • Stella Bryant (Red Tailed Hawks) – earned 2 rockers!
  • Juliana Kang (RoadRunners)
  • Diya Mittal (Phoenix) – earned 2 rockers!
  • Sahana Mittal (Phoenix) – earned 2 rockers!

As for the announcements and upcoming events:

  • Jeff “Spin Doctor” Coreless announced the new program that OSN is rolling out for creating Thank you videos to first responders of the COVID-19 crisis.  
  • Our May Campout will be going virtual – more details to come!
  • Graduation and Passing of the Feathers has been postponed to the weekend of Aug 21-23 and take place at OSO Lake in Aliso Viejo!

We hope you all had a great time camping together this weekend with the family, and look forward to another exciting event in May!