May Virtual Campout and Pinewood Derby

Today, I am officially announcing that instead of camping at Casper’s over the weekend of May 29-31, OSN will host a May Virtual Campout Event and the first ever OSN Pinewood Derby and Car Show!

Of course, being a totally new event for OSN we don’t know exactly how this event will go yet, but it will be conducted in a manner that meets social distancing guidelines.  That being said, I expect it will have some very unique and experimental rules (so stay tuned…)! 

The concept is as follows:

Virtual Campout

  • Dads and Daughter’s camp in their backyards (families invited too)!
  • We will have another amazing Pow Wow lined up for you Saturday Evening to enjoy with your family over s’mores!

New for May:

  • Leading up to the event, Dad’s and Daughters can build a Pinewood Derby car (this is intended to be for the girls to build, and coached by the Dads…)
  • Dad’s and Daughters will drop off their car at one location (we may have time slots per tribe, etc) where each tribe will conduct “races”, which will video recorded or broadcast over Zoom, and host an amazing “Car Show”!
  • The Winners will receive prizes!

Details subject to change

The idea is to provide a way to strengthen the Dad/Daughter bonds and keep the OSN community “together” as much as possible during the rest of this season!

More detail to come…