Message from Chief

Wahoka Mighty Orange Spirit Nation!

As your Nation Chief, I am reaching out to you during this unprecedented time to provide an update regarding OSN activities this year:

April 24-26 IROEC Campout replaced by the First Ever OSN Family Backyard Campout!

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the campout at Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC) that was planned for April 24-26 this year has been cancelled.  In its place, your nation council has decided to host a First Ever OSN Family Backyard Campout! Please look at the newly posted video from this event.


As you may recall, the OSN graduation event was planned to occur at IROEC this year, which has now been cancelled.  However, OSN will make every attempt to hold a graduation event this year.  Pending how the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds the graduation event may occur in May at Caspers Wilderness Park at the earliest, or at a later time.  Going forward, our nation council will be regularly assessing the situation and will provide updates as more information comes available. 

To help us in our planning, however, we would like to collect the names and Indian names of everyone who is planning to graduate this year. For those interested, please send your information to Tally Keeper Jeff “Spin Doctor” Coreless at: 


Unfortunately, the golf tournament this year will also be cancelled.  We look forward to bring able to bring this event back to OSN next year!


Dads, at uncertain times like these, it helps to spend time together with your daughters and focus on activities that strengthen your bonds with each other.  There are lots of activities that our feather program offers for this purpose.  Also, for those who are nearing Dream Princess status, our Nation Dream Catchers would love to be able recognize new dream princesses at one of the upcoming events!

In addition, I wanted to use the opportunity to remind us all of the Heart of Chikola award.  This new award this year has been created in honor of Chikola, the daughter of our Mighty Chief Koda, and is given to any princess in our nation that either 1) completes a special community service project, or 2) is recognized by someone outside of OSN for their positive actions.  Dream Princesses in particular are eligible for this award – and COVID-19 has created a number of opportunities to help the local community!

During this time it’s important to take care of each other, adhere to social distancing guidelines, and stay safe!  We look forward to seeing you all virtually in April and hopefully in person soon!