Our grade K-5 princesses from Tustin Memorial Academy and Tustin Ranch Elementary enjoy Nation sponsored camp-outs and events and monthly tribe meetings with their dads.
Through the Orange Spirit Nation (OSN) and the Native Sons and Daughters program, our Penguin dads are presented a unique setting to strengthen their relationships with their daughter(s) and to create lifetime memories. We’re also given an opportunity to make friendships with like-minded dads who cherish time with their daughter(s). Join us for tent camping, hiking, bouldering, swimming, sledding, zip lining, archery, games, campfires and skits.

If you have any questions or seek information about the Penguins and OSN, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Penguin members use to stay in touch with the Tribe.



Penguin Song (using the Sponge Bob melody)

Chief:                          Are you ready Penguins?

Penguins:                    Aye, aye Chief!

Penguin Dads:            We can’t hear you!

Penguins:                    Aye, aye Dads!

Ohhh…. who lives in an igloo on top of the sea

OSN Penguins!

Cute and cuddly and funny, thats Me!

OSN Penguins!

Black and white and waddles every day

OSN Penguins!

Kind and caring, we love to play

OSN Penguins!

OSN Penguins, OSN Penguins,

O S N   P e n g u i n s !!

Penguin Dads:            do-do, do-do, do—do