Welcome to the Orange Spirit Nation!

Our Dads and Daughters camping and community service organization is the Irvine and Tustin, California affiliate of  the national Native Sons and Daughters program.

With hundreds of Orange County, CA fathers and their daughters, ages 5-11, our 7 Tribes offer local families a long legacy of unparalleled (and fun!)  father-daughter bonding experiences.

For fathers, this program offers the opportunity to create shared experiences with your daughter and build a loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

For daughters, our programs are designed to help the girls build self-esteem and develop a strong sense of identity and of personal accomplishment. It gives them a wide circle of friends that often becomes like a large family.

Together with other fathers and girls who share your values, you’ll see and do things that you otherwise might not, including camping, kayaking, hiking, skits, swimming, archery, sledding, campfires, and s’mores!  See the fun videos below for examples…

See our Events Calendar here.

To join the program as a new family register here.  You only need to pay if you decide to come to an event. All events and meetings are optional and there is no fundraising.  We look forward to meeting you!




Orange Spirit Nation visits Catalina Island Video

Yes, we did all this in one weekend!

Volunteer Event
End of The Year


End of The Year

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Our Six Aims:

1. To be clean in body and pure in heart
2. To be friends forever with my dad/daughter
3. To love the sacred circle of my family
4. To listen while others speak
5. To love my neighbor as myself
6. To seek and preserve the beauty of The Great Spirit’s work in forest, field, and stream



Native Sons & Daughters National Longhouse
Are you a Dad with a K-4 Daughter who
would like to join us?

Please visit the TRIBES tab above to find the tribe associated with your local elementary school.

Or, send an email to NationGreeter @ OrangeSpiritNation.org.