Council Members 2023-2024

Nation ChiefDylan Davidson
Mitch Spann
(Still active Former Nation Chiefs)
Bob “Fruit Charmer” Boyd
Todd “Snoring Unicorn” Litfin
Nic “Sneaky Raccoon” Billard
Joe “Laughing Feather” Cracium
Mike “Wild Bear” Papac
Lee “3 Hole Punch” Webb
Scott “Laughing Fox” Fedewa
Nation Greeter
Treasure Keeper
Tally Keeper
Dream CatcherJason Gage
Web SpinnerMatthew Yaeger
TrapperMike Ruth
Eagle Eyes ChiefMike “Wild Bear” Papac
Owls ChiefJack Packwood
Penguins ChiefMike MacMillan
Phoenix ChiefSean McDowell
Red-Tailed Hawks ChiefMichael Philpott
Roadrunners ChiefPete Green
Thunderbirds Chief
RainmakerSol Sim

Our organization traces its roots all the way back to 1926. Generations of parents and children have enjoyed their time together building family bonds that last a lifetime.

We thank all our previous Nation Chiefs, Council Members, Tribal Chiefs, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our program and its kids.

Nation Chiefs

2022-2023Bob “Fruit Charmer” Boyd
Todd “Snoring Unicorn” Litfin
2021-2022Nic “Sneaky Raccoon” Billard
2020-2021Joe “Laughing Feather” Cracium
2019-2020Mike “Wild Bear” Papac
2018-2019Bill “Running Thunder” Saunders
2017-2018Chris “Howling Wolf” Kramer
2016-2017Scott “Laughing Fox” Fedewa
2015-2016Steve “Wild Bear” Canto
2014-2015Lee “3 Hole Punch” Webb
2013-2014Benjamin “Snoring Bear” Medvitz
2012-2013Tom “Squatting Thunder” Baldwin
2011-2012Tom “Squatting Thunder” Baldwin
2010-2011John “Itchy Dog” Fabris
2009-2010 Toby “Walking Bear” Moore
2008-2009 John “Roaming Buffalo” Allen
2007-2008Tom Metcalf
2006-2007Darin “Dancing Bear” Pendergraft
2005-2006Dave “Long River” Sundstrom
2004-2005Tim “Long Arrow” Duchene
2003-2004Phil “Silver Eagle” Wilson

{We’re looking for more here! Do you know one of our past Nation Chiefs? Please let us know so we can trace our history back even further…}