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The Spirit Catcher Program

Have Fun Earning Feathers!

The OSN Spirit Catcher Program is our special achievement program designed to build a lasting bond between Dad and Daughter.

SpiritCatcherThe Spirit Catcher journey begins for new members at our Induction Ceremony, when Spirit Catcher kits are given to Dad and Daughter. Each kit includes a braided headband, decorative beads, activity checklist and all the materials a girl needs to build her very own Spirit Catcher.

Assembling the Spirit Catcher together with your Daughter is the first step in the exciting journey you’ll share as part of the Orange Spirit Nation!

Download OSN Spirit Catcher Activity Checklist

How to Assemble Your Spirit Catcher

After you have received your Spirit Catcher headband kit, you can assemble it yourself to wear at our next campout.

Here’s a short video that offers you step-by-step instructions:

24 Fun Feather Activities

After you’ve assembled your Spirit Catcher, you’re ready to get started on the 24 fun feather activities. As you progress through the program, Dad and Daughter will learn about things like native traditions, craft making, outdoor safety, and community service – all while building lifelong memories of the time spent together.

After completing each activity, the Daughter will receive a feather to attach to her Spirit Catcher and to wear proudly at all our Nation events!

The 24 feather activities are organized into four groups – NORTH (Red Feathers), EAST (Blue Feathers), SOUTH (Pink Feathers) and WEST (Orange Feathers). The activities are grouped in order of difficulty (NORTH being the easiest) – but you’re free to complete them in any order you choose.

How to Report Your Progress

After your Daughter completes an activity (and reports her experience to the tribe), Dad must login to our Spirit Tracker 3000 system to mark the activity as “earned” so we know the Daughter has earned that feather. After you log it into the system, the feather(s) will be distributed to your Tribe Chief at the next Nation event and awarded to the Daughter in front of your tribe.

Rocker Patches

RockersOnce a Daughter earns all the feathers in a group, she will be awarded a “rocker” patch for the corresponding compass direction (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH or WEST) to display proudly on her vest.

All rockers are presented by the Nation Chief and Nation Dream Catcher in special “sunshine” ceremonies in front of the Nation at campouts and other Nation events. It’s a memorable experience that Dad and Daughter will never forget!

Dream Princess Awards

After a Daughter earns all 24 feathers and rockers, and also completes a final project requirement, the Daughter will be presented with our special “Eagle Feather Dream Catcher Award” for becoming a Dream Princess! As a Dream Princess, she will be recognized as an elder and leader of the Orange Spirit Nation. This will entitle her to help lead our Nation at campouts, ceremonies, and important events!

The Spirit Catcher program runs on the Honor System. There is no required order for the feather activities and completion is self-reported online by the Dads.

Remember, if you are creating special memories by sharing time with your daughter, you are catching the spirit of our program! We hope you enjoy our Spirit Catcher Program and look forward to seeing your feathers at all our OSN events.RoseWater

If you have questions, please contact the Nation Dream Catcher at dreamcatcher@OrangeSpiritNation.org.


OSN Nation Dream Catchers 2017-18
Robert “Likes Breakfast” Wainberg
Evan “Fast Flying Hummingbird” Wainberg
Rainbow Sparkles