PhoenixLogoWelcome to the Mighty Phoenix!

The Phoenix tribe is made up of dads and grade K-5 princesses from in and around Irvine.

Through the Orange Spirit Nation (OSN) and the Native Sons and Daughters program, our Phoenix dads create a setting where they can strengthen their relationships with their daughter(s), teach them about the outdoors, allow them to explore, give them the opportunity to make new friends, and  create a lifetime bond with their dad.

The fathers are also provided with an opportunity to make friendships with like-minded dads who cherish time with their daughter(s).

Some of our nation activities include: tent camping, hiking, bouldering, swimming, sledding, zip lining, archery, games, campfires and skits. We emphasize camaraderie and teamwork during these activities, which helps strengthen the bonds between the Phoenix girls.

We also have monthly Phoenix activities in Irvine, either on a weekday evening or weekend day. These activities provide the girls with a chance to socialize, learn new games, and do crafts together.

If you have any questions or seek information about the Phoenix and OSN, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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Phoenix Song:
Phoenix girls and Phoenix dads are always on the run
Taking every chance to learn
Rising to the sun

Honesty and caring we always try to do
Respectful and kind
Our aim is true

North South East and West exploring high and low
Making friends and having fun
Wherever we may go

Put your feathers in the air
Turn around and shout
Tell the circles everywhere what the Phoenix is about

We are the Phoenix
We are the Phoenix