The OSN RoadRunners are a group of dads and daughters focused on building lifelong bonds and lasting memories through campouts, outdoor activities and other fun events.  

Although most of our K-5 princesses attend Peters Canyon Elementary,  Ladera Elementary, and Arroyo Elementary schools in Tustin – our tribe is open to dads and daughters from all over Orange County.

Through our action-packed schedule of tribe and nation events, our princesses gain confidence, learn teamwork and build strong social skills.

At the same time, they experience Native American traditions and values – including the importance of showing respect for nature, themselves and others.  Most of all, our dads and daughters build an unbreakable bond of communication, trust, and mutual understanding that will last a lifetime!

We hold monthly tribe meetings in Tustin (on a weeknight) – where our princesses share stories about recent fun activities with dad, celebrate their birthdays by banging our tribal drum, talk about upcoming events, and work on fun projects to earn pins and patches.  Dinner is always provided (a nice break for Mom) and our meetings typically last less than two hours.

If building a lifelong bond with your daughter sounds like fun to you, please contact us at for more information about the RoadRunners Tribe!


RoadRunners’ Tribal Song

It was a beautiful day, I was with my Dad,

I learned the Six Aims fast, felt real rad;

Years went by, me and Dad were campin’,

Little RoadRunner, I was flyin’.


Yeah, RoadRunnin’ down a dream,

That my Dad and friends share with me;

Buildin’ a history, goin’ wherever it leads,

RoadRunning down a dream…


Go RoadRunners….BEEP BEEP!