Tribe Finder – School Locator

Below is a list of local schools where we currently have active princesses.  New schools and new girls are always welcome.

Many schools have girls from more than one tribe.  Schools with larger concentrations of certain tribes are noted with links below.

How to pick a tribe?  You are welcome to join any tribe you choose.  Where your daughter goes to school or already has friends is usually an important factor in picking a tribe.  Of course, dads will want to make sure they like the other dads, too, so you can also choose a tribe for your family based on who invited you even if your daughters don’t attend the same schools.

Remember – You will likely become friends with these people for many years, especially if you have multiple daughters!


Don’t see your school listed?  You’re still welcome to join us.  See if you can find a nearby school in the list above and contact us for introductions to that tribe.

Or we may be able help you start a new one.

Questions?:  Email the Nation Greeter at nationgreeter (at)!